It’s A Caudalie Review…

Hello, My Darlings!

So today I will be reviewing the Caudalie face masks and facial scrub as its been a couple of months since I have been testing out these products and now I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you, So let’s get started!

I bought Caudalie’s four different types of masks and one facial scrub from France. The products that I got are the following:

  1. Deep Cleansing Exfoliator:

This product is grainy which gives the feeling of a scrub and It smells ah-mazing! The packing of the product is cute and simple to use which it always is a good thing. I use this product on damp skin and gently rub it into my skin in circular motions and add water slowly. Once I am done, I wash my face with lukewarm water and pat dry. This product leaves my skin feeling renewed, soft and silky! I’m totally in love this exfoliator and will be repurchasing this product again and again. 10/10

2. Glycolic Peel:

This product comes in a cute light green tube packaging which is great as it’s simple to use. when applying this mask, it feels sticky and then after a couple of minutes, it gets tacky. There is no fragrance as such that I need to mention about. The results of using this product are instant as it leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated but the actual glow is visible the next day for me. 8/10

3. Instant Detox Mask:

This product comes in a dark green tube packaging which again is cute and simple to use. This product is my personal favourite. I use this every time before a big event as it just detoxes the skin beautifully and leaves my skin feeling ever so soft and clear. The fragrance of this product is heavenly and therapeutic. This product is a pink clay and dries out by clearing up the skin! I actually love this product and I highly recommend people using this, especially if you have an event coming up!. 10/10

4. Moisturising Mask:

This product comes in a white tube packaging which is cute and simple to use. I use this mask overnight to moisturise my skin and in the morning my skin feels very soft, supple and hydrated. This product is a light formula that means after masking the hydrating mask your skin does not feel sticky or tacky but actually breathable. This product doesn’t really have a fragrance to it as I would like it too. But, Overall it’s a good product. 9/10

Lots of Love,

La Alma Life | Sabeeka Haider