My Parisian Trip..

During the recent Bank Holiday, my husband and I decided to travel to Paris for the long weekend. We went for 5 days and 4 nights in total and ended up wishing we had more time as we truly enjoyed our time in the beautiful city.

As I said before we went away during the August bank holiday days and now its nearly two weeks later that I am writing a post about my trip! I’m Sorry guys but honestly speaking I really didn’t know what to write as I wanted my post to be informative but making sure that I don’t just blab on about what I did on my trip. So below I have made a list of things that were highlights of my trip and things one must do when they are visiting the city of love…

The Highlights of My Trip:

  1. Date night near the Eiffel Tower. In order to understand why the Eiffel Tower at night was one of my best highlights and best memory of my life is food for one’s imagination. Just try to imagine that you are in an area where you have the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower, you have your favorite music playing in the background, you have great food and drinks, its dark and there is no one else but you and your loved under the glistening light of the famous Eiffel Tower at midnight. Ahhh, Sweet Beautiful Memories!


  2. The singing man. This trip to Paris was like something out of a movie because there was day where my husband and I were travelling on the metro to a tourist location where a man and some other people with him (I’m thinking the other people with him were members from his music band) jumped on the same metro as us and started to sing the most beautiful romantic songs in French (I hope they were romantic song anyway!).


  3.  The lazy day. On Sunday, my husband and I totally supported the lazy Sunday concept to the fullest by hanging out near the river in Paris. We actually left the hotel to explore what places were around us and we ended up spending our whole day and afternoon near the river enjoying our mocktails and food. At first, there were a few people near the river and slowly the area started to get crowded with locals, which was interesting to see how locals spend their Sundays.


  4.  Shopping! Yes, Shopping was one of my highlights and the reason why it was a highlight of my trip was that the goodies that I bought from there we can’t get in the UK. Soon I will be posting a blog post about what I bought from Paris, so stay tuned if you’re interested.


  5. The local farmer’s market. I always wanted to visit a farmer’s market in a different country, I know its weird but sometimes in movies, they show the hero or the main actress shopping in the local markets and everything looks good! so I always wanted to visit the market too and I did!


  6. Being scammed by a con artist. Haha, this one actually makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. I am a big fan of White Collar so I blame this one on Neal Caffrey and Mozzie. I was so stupid enough to be part of a victim of a con in Paris, actually in front of the Eiffel Tower where a group of people were making themselves rich and others people poor (that’s me!), I don’t recommend anyone taking part in such game and I’m talking from my experience.


PS: Paris I Love You!

Thank you for reading the post and I hope you enjoyed it.

Take care La Almas!