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White on white

Recently I tried out something new with my look, I went for white on white look! … I have always been scared on wearing white on white as it can be a big hit or a big miss (Ladies you know what I mean, Dont you..).

The day started of me having one of ‘those days’ where I wanted to go out, but it very warm (And I naturally don’t do well with the sun, Even though I love summer) and I personally didn’t wanted to wear the typical “All Black Look”. Don’t we all one of those days where you want to go out but don’t know what on earth to wear!! usually our  typical go to look is everything black, which don’t get me wrong looks nice, chic and elegant but sometimes its one of those days that you want to do something adventurous and not wear black.

Below are some pictures that I took when I was strolling around the park and taking in the beauty views that nature had to offer to me while being make up free, I wore a light weight white tunic dress from H&M paired with my white jeans also from H&M and with white scarf with hints of colour from Oliver Bonas.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of Love and Take Care.

La Almas